Regulatory Compliance Does Not Need to Come at the Cost of Innovation and Development

The Medical Device Industry has often struggeld to balance the challengeing requirements of regulatory and legislative compliance, with the market pressure to further develop existing device, and launch innovative new devices to market. This balace often translates into a view of Medical Device regulations as stifling and over complicated restrictions on life saving medical innovations, but this does not need to be the case! In light of the European MDR, now is the perfect opportunity for medical device companies to be proactive in their regulatory structures and adoption. The device manufacturers that begin to move regulatory adoption compliance into the wider business strategy will benefit from efficient and compliant device development pathways - and the faster you get to market, the stronger your industry advantage!

The brand new Medical Device Regulatory Pathways Forum is the only conference that is dedicated to ensuring your teams can comply with the multitude of regulations governing the development of medical devices and create a proactive regulatory strategy to manage you MDR adoption and audit pathways.

Are you currently struggling with:


interpreting the new med dev and regulatory changes? baxter will show you how.


Creating a clinical lifecycle management strategy under the new mdr? siemens will help you to align the regulatory landscape with your company’s clinical strategy.


Integrating legacy devices into the new clinical evaluation framework? bactiguard share their top tips.


Struggling to streamline and proactively manage your supplier relationships? hear how ferring and our delegation are managing this challenge in our interactive roundtables.


Developing a tailored medical device compliance and oversite strategy? oticon and nimio will take you through the key steps and challenges.


Evaluating your audit pathway options and preparation requirements for compliance? our interactive and personalised training day takes you through the best regulatory compliance strategies and ensures you are compliant with our mock inspection.

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